Monday, April 11, 2011

The Line Up!

Check out the list of artists and crafter you will find at April 30th's Crafty Balboa April Showers event!

Overdue Industries
Huldra Press
Kathryn Kelly Stationers
Leah Creation 
September Mornings
Bath Tub Jungle
Amy B. Jewelry
Hipster Bingo
Krista Peel Jewelry
Masters of None
Rachel Shosana
Yummy and Company
Stevie Lynn Jewelry
Wearable Jules
Colleen Heineman
Maureen Duffy
Claire McDermott
Painted Lily
Girls Can Tell
Duke & Winston
Nicole Rae Styer
Made With Awesome
Phea Jean
Nicole's Threads
The Colony by Jay McCarroll
Girlyfied Gear
Miss Millie
Volta Soap
Gritty City Cosmetics
Lil Fishy
Typsy Gypsy
Elissa Kara
Kristen Solecki
Aaron Takes Pictures
Box Turtle Press
Sarah Gray
Medusa Wolf 
Crystal Bat
Yard Sale Press
Annie Pod
You Wanna Talk Jive
Rogue Theory
Night Owl Designs
Rainbow Alternative
Boto Designs

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  1. I plan to pitch a lemonade stand. haha. Just kidding! Can't wait.