Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Wishbone Letterpress is a husband and wife team from Ulster Park, NY. This will be their first time vending at Crafty Balboa!

Tell us a little about yourselves! We make letterpress greeting cards, business cards, wedding invitations, coasters, baby announcements, calendars, and posters. Our designs range from crazy and colorful to more subdued and pretty. Everything is printed on our antique printing presses, on 100% cotton paper.

What will you be bringing to Crafty Balboa Holiday?! We're bringing greeting cards that will be $4-5. And calendars in the $18-25 range.

All I want for Christmas is... A new couch. We have been stalking the Ikea website for months.

Wishbone Letterpress will be at Crafty Balboa Holiday on December 17th from 11am to 5pm! If you are looking for them before then, check them out here!

GARBELLA answers Crafty's questions!

Garbella is a first time Crafty Balboa vendor hailing from Pittsburgh, PA.

What is it you do? Garbella creates hand screen-printed apparel for women, men, and babies as well as, accessories, and home decor. From start to finish, garbella goods are drawn, designed, and hand screen-printed in Pittsburgh, PA. Garbella also offers clocks that are made with recycled bicycle cogs and some that are hand screen-printed with original designs.

What kinds of great gift items will you be bringing to Crafty Balboa? I'll be bringing lots of hand screen printed apparel and accessories. My most popular gift item are screen printed jersey cotton scarves. They are really soft and easier to wear. Scarves are $22.

All I want for Christmas is...  a new studio space.... and a puppy!

Garbella will be making her way to the city of brotherly love on December 17th for Crafty Balboa Holiday! If you need to find her before then, check her out here!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Crafty Balboa first-timer, ANNA BEAU DESIGNS!

Anna Beau makes artfully inspired, handcrafted jewelry!

What is it you make?
 Hand fabricated sterling silver jewelry that incorporates vintage costume jewelry components and semi-precious stones.

What's a great gift idea you are bringing to Crafty Balboa Holiday? Sentimental charm pendants($55-$85) and engrave-able signet necklaces ($65-$95) perfectly suited for your favorite lady...or just for yourself!

All I want for Christmas is... A new couch!

Anna Beau Designs will be at Crafty Balboa Holiday, December 17th from 11am to 5pm. Looking for her before then? Check her out here!


Rainbow Alternative was born from a desire for something other than the  “slap-a-rainbow-on-it-and-they-will-come” design theory! What came of it?  Hand drawn & hand cut stencils + good old fashioned spray paint = original t shirt & apparel designs.

Tell us about yourself! Nicole Krecicki is a Center City based artist on a mission! Her original t-shirt/apparel line, Rainbow Alternative, strives to create social change through wearable art. All designs are hand-stenciled & spray painted by Nicole, nothing is mass produced & each item is one-of-a-kind!

Any tips for Crafty Balboa shoppers? Don't forget the little guys! Rainbow Alternative offers a full line of baby onesies & kids t-shirts - the perfect gifts for fun loving parents! Super affordable, pick one up for $12 or get two for $20.

All I want for Christmas is... to see YOU at Crafty Balboa Holiday!
We couldn't agree more!

Come see Rainbow Alternative on December 17th at the Broad Street Ministry from 11am to 5pm.  If you need to find her before then, check her out here!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Say "hello" to MELLO PRESS!

Mello Press is Amanda Mello, printing away in her South Philadelphia Studio!

Please tell us about yourself. I'm a letterpress printer, which can mean a lot of things these days. There's been a huge letterpress resurgence and a lot of people are involving digital design in their work. I am incredibly bad at digital design so I work with {mostly} vintage wood and metal type. This leads to prints that are almost entirely text based, infused with my own questionable sense of humor.

Is there anything new and/or exciting you are bringing to Crafty Balboa Holiday?! One of my new items that I'm most excited about are the "i like your bike" tags. This is an idea that I've been mulling over for YEARS! These tags are great for any bike enthusiast in your life and make a perfect stocking stuffer. Basically, they were inspired by all the beautiful bikes in Philadelphia - I'm always stopping and gawking and wish I had a way to let the bike's owner know how much I appreciate their ride. Pick them up in a set of 6 for $8.

All I want for Christmas is... A type collection the likes of Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum and/or Hatch Show Print . . . that's not too much to ask, right?

Looking for Mello Press before December 17th? You can find her here!

RENEW Jewelry answers Crafty's Questions!

RENEW Jewelry makes the old new again! Danielle will even make custom pieces with vintage pieces from your own collection!

Tell us about yourself.  My jewelry caters to the artistic woman who wants to feel truly beautiful! I am inspired by vintage jewelry because of its ethereal beauty. Each piece has a story to tell through its delicate details of old craftsmanship and the imperfections caused by age.  I'm also always on the prowl for vintage fashion! Sometimes I post about my findings on the RENEWjewelry facebook page.

Is there something special you are bringing to Crafty Balboa Holiday? Every one of my necklaces is hard to part with but a favorite of mine this year would have to be the vintage green flower necklace (shown). I found the brooch a couple months ago but it wasn't until a recent trip to Portland, Oregon that I found the glass beads to match! I also have a couple other items I found while in Portland that will accompany me to Crafty Balboa.

$5 coupon will be placed in each gift bag so COME EARLY!! My prices range according to the brooch and materials used ($50–80).

If you are looking for RENEW Jewelry before Crafty Balboa Holiday on December 17th, you can find it here.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Crafty Balboa Holiday Added to Uwishinu's Gift Guide

Uwishunu chose Crafty Balboa Holiday as great event for shopping locally this holiday season!
Check out the article here.


DUKE & WINSTON answers Crafty's Questions!

Duke & Winston is a "one man and his dog" company. No really, Duke's a dog and he's adorable...I mean stately.

Tell us a little bit about Duke & Winston: Launched in mid 2009 by Seun Olubodun and his English Bulldog, HRH the Duke, Duke & Winston is a Philadelphia based clothing line (plus a limited dog line) that creates casual clothing for guys who favor substance, refinement and practicality above the flashy and sometimes downright barbaric styles that have flooded the men's market of recent (you won't find oversized graphics of skulls, crosses, tigers or skull & cross carrying tigers riding unicorns here, thank you very much). 

We will be selling Dog Beds, Casual Tees, Polo's, Henley's, Candles, & Tote Bags.

Do you have a great gift idea you are bringing to Crafty Balboa Holiday?

Our first foray into candles, a masculine & modern fragrance developed exclusively for Duke & Winston using the highest quality soy blend wax. Our awesome packaging features the 1892 England men's rugby team with the D&W ampersand and purple strikeout. Stack 4 boxes to create the full image.

• 11oz
• 60 hours of burn time
• Scent includes notes of citrus, bergamot, juniper & jasmine

All I want for Christmas is... An iPad.

If you are looking for Duke & Winston before December 17th, you can find them here.

Getting to know REDRAVEN STUDIOS!

Tell us about what it is you doRedraven Studios creates jewelry, belt buckles, sew –on buttons, and other ceramic accessories. Entirely handmade from porcelain and collaged with vintage ceramic decals, my work is inspired by vintage designs and textiles. Ceramic decals are known for adorning the side of a tea cup or dinnerware, but as the popularity of these household items faded, they became less used. Being attracted to vintage textiles, I was immediately taken by the idea of re-purposing decals into something wearable and lovely. I strive to create unique accessories that stand apart from mass produced items and inspire people to support handmade.

What will you be selling at Crafty Balboa Holiday? Handmade porcelain jewelry that ranges in price from $26 through $46.

All I want for Christmas is... A Kitten.

RedRaven Studios will be at Crafty Balboa Holiday, December 17th! Until then you can find her here.

Monday, November 21, 2011

SEAMS TO BE makes her Crafty Balboa Holiday debut!

Taught by her grandmother, Lyndsay from Seams to Be hasn't stop crocheting, knitting, sewing or embroidering since!

What do you make? Hand crocheted scarves, head bands, hats, and mittens!

Any gift ideas for Crafty Balboa Holiday shoppers?  Hats-$24, Scarves-$38, Head bands-$14, and mittens-$30. Could be gifted to children, men, and women.

Seams to Be will be at Crafty Balboa Holiday on December 17th, in the meantime you can find her work here.


What's the one thing Nicole at Night Owl Designs hears the most? "OH MY GOD, do you remember this?"

What is it you do? I make kitschy jewelry and housewares inspired by the pop culture icons and cult oddities that I personally love. Night Owl is a fun combination of nostalgia and humor.

Tell us about some gift ideas you will be bringing to Crafty Balboa Holiday! I'm bringing a ton of everything! $1 buttons that make great stocking stuffers for anyone and everyone on your list. Jewelry: $6-$20 for the fun ladies in your lives. Vinyl record bowls/valet trays: at $5 they are great for the guy on your list that has you stumped in the gift department.

All I want for Christmas is... More hours in the day to get everything done.. but more realistically, I just want to be able to keep going with Night Owl Designs, learning more and more as I go.

Need to find Night Owl before December 17th? Check it out here!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Chatting with TYPSY GYPSY TEES!

Typsy Gypsy fun fact! The name for the company came from Bridget's son! His favorite bath toy is that of a fierce pirate/ viking warrior who, out of the blue, he named Typsy Gyspy. Mr Typsy has kicked some serious sea creature butt in the tub over the years and seemed like a perfect name for this artistic endeavor.

Tell us what you make: Fun, Hand drawn screen printed Tees for Men, Women, Kids and Babies

What are you bringing to Crafty Balboa Holiday? Fun Tees for the whole family, and Onesies for the Baby. All items priced between $15- $20!

All I want for Christmas is... Some handmade necklaces and a new hand made knit hat. Everything hand made, please!!!

Typsy Gypsy Tees will be at Crafty Balboa, December 17th from 11am to 5pm! Come out and say hello (and shop)!


Blackheart Letterpress creates handmade letterpress goods with some crazy old letter pressing machinery. They are pretty fancy!

Tell us about what you do: Unique cards and prints for all occasions, printed with care on antique letterpresses older than your grandmom.

Can you give us a sneak peek of something fun you are bringing to Crafty Balboa?
We have a great card that features a quote from AC/DC that reads "Let me put my love into you, babe. Let me cut your cake with my knife." It's pretty much the perfect romantic sentiment for any day of the year.

All I want for Christmas is...A Vandercook proof press, a jeep, and Lucy Liu.

If you are looking for Blackheart Letterpress (or happen to have Lucy Lui's number) before Crafty Balboa Holiday on December 17th, find them here!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Let's hear from RECYCLED ROWHOUSE! A Crafty Balboa first time vendor!

Recycled Rowhouse is that guy you see driving around in an old Ford, sifting through piles of junk on trash day. Next time, say hello!

What is it you do? We are dedicated to continuing the stories contained in old and unwanted objects, by recombining them into functional pieces that encourage a sustainable lifestyle. Our materials come from all over the Philadelphia region. We transform unwanted desks, tables, doors, and moldings into unique objects for the home and garden.

What can we expect to see December 17th? We will be bringing a lot of Birdhouses! These are for anyone that wants to create a home for some feathered friends, especially city dwellers. We like to think that we are helping to create new habitats for birds that did not exist before. Our birdhouses are about $80.

All I want for Christmas is ... A band saw!

Looking for Recycled Rowhouse?! They are right here! Shop in person December 17th at Crafty Balboa Holiday!

Taking some time to chat with YUMMY & COMPANY

Yummy & Company hails from Baltimore, Maryland where she designs and creates each on of her fabulous pieces by hand! Say hello to Jennifer!

Tell us a little bit about what you doI’ve always loved jewelry, and can remember making necklaces, crowns, bracelets and rings out of clovers and twigs as a child. Growing up, I spent many hours playing in the creek and exploring the woods behind our house. To this day, I am still charmed by the intricacies and beauty of nature, and do my best to express that love, connection and admiration of the natural world in my designs.

Is there a paricular item you are bringing to Crafty Balboa that makes a great gift? I have some really sweet little bookmarks that would make fantastic stocking stuffers for book lovers and perfect holiday gifts for teachers. $25 each

All I want for Christmas is... Well, after checking out the vendor list, I fell in love with Kaye Rachelle's designs, so anything form her shop would be fantastic!

If you are looking for YUMMY & COMPANY before December 17th at Crafty Balboa Holiday, check her out here!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Time to hear from BATHTUB JUNGLE!

Bathtub Jungle Jewelry is Maggie Huth on a life's mission to extract beautiful objects from their everyday settings, changing ordinary to extraordinary in a wearable way.

What is it you do: At Bathtub Jungle Jewelry, we are inspired by ordinary every day as well as vintage objects, Maggie considers herself an "object enthusiast". This fascination makes it's way into bathtub jungle's different jewelry lines in a variety of ways. Found objects are incorporated into brooches, earrings and necklaces, like the pen nib and watch gear earrings and the toy pigs that make up the head-n-butt post earrings. Objects are also portrayed in the silhouette series which feature a hand-cut sterling silver vintage sewing machine, a queen anne chair, bicycles, and many more! Stop by the booth at Crafty Balboa Holiday to check out the rest of Bathtub Jungle's whimsical jewelry!

Please tell us about a great gift item you will have at Crafty Balboa Holiday:  The hand-cut sterling silver LOVE park statue silhouette is a great gift for almost any woman in your life! The LOVE pendant hangs on a 16" sterling silver cable chain with lobstr clasp closure and retails for $40.

All I want for Christmas is: World peace and maybe a new refrigerator...

Before Crafty Balboa Holiday on December 17th you can find Bathtub Jungle at


Brookiellen Designs is Brooke Harlan and her passion for unique, colorful and bright fabrics and love of knitting and sewing. 

What is it you do: I make stylish diaper covers, insulated lunch totes, sandwich/snack baggies and other reusable items.

Please tell us about a great gift item you will have at Crafty Balboa HolidayMy most popular product is my waterproof cloth diaper covers. They come in a variety of fun and funky prints to make your little one stand out in the crowd :). Perfect for any new mom and her little one, they can be used over any diaper, cloth or disposable. They can also be used as a swim diaper. They come in S, M, L and a One Size fits all. They are priced between $15-$17 each.

All I want for Christmas is: HANDMADE!!!

Before December 17th you can find Brookiellen Designs at