Monday, November 28, 2011

RENEW Jewelry answers Crafty's Questions!

RENEW Jewelry makes the old new again! Danielle will even make custom pieces with vintage pieces from your own collection!

Tell us about yourself.  My jewelry caters to the artistic woman who wants to feel truly beautiful! I am inspired by vintage jewelry because of its ethereal beauty. Each piece has a story to tell through its delicate details of old craftsmanship and the imperfections caused by age.  I'm also always on the prowl for vintage fashion! Sometimes I post about my findings on the RENEWjewelry facebook page.

Is there something special you are bringing to Crafty Balboa Holiday? Every one of my necklaces is hard to part with but a favorite of mine this year would have to be the vintage green flower necklace (shown). I found the brooch a couple months ago but it wasn't until a recent trip to Portland, Oregon that I found the glass beads to match! I also have a couple other items I found while in Portland that will accompany me to Crafty Balboa.

$5 coupon will be placed in each gift bag so COME EARLY!! My prices range according to the brooch and materials used ($50–80).

If you are looking for RENEW Jewelry before Crafty Balboa Holiday on December 17th, you can find it here.

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