Thursday, November 17, 2011

Let's hear from RECYCLED ROWHOUSE! A Crafty Balboa first time vendor!

Recycled Rowhouse is that guy you see driving around in an old Ford, sifting through piles of junk on trash day. Next time, say hello!

What is it you do? We are dedicated to continuing the stories contained in old and unwanted objects, by recombining them into functional pieces that encourage a sustainable lifestyle. Our materials come from all over the Philadelphia region. We transform unwanted desks, tables, doors, and moldings into unique objects for the home and garden.

What can we expect to see December 17th? We will be bringing a lot of Birdhouses! These are for anyone that wants to create a home for some feathered friends, especially city dwellers. We like to think that we are helping to create new habitats for birds that did not exist before. Our birdhouses are about $80.

All I want for Christmas is ... A band saw!

Looking for Recycled Rowhouse?! They are right here! Shop in person December 17th at Crafty Balboa Holiday!

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