Monday, December 9, 2013

This Saturday at Crafty Balboa Holiday, Bee Vintage Redux!

Bee Vintage Redux got its start when, as a small child, I decided that I was a fashion designer. This consisted of a bunch of hand made business cards that read "Heather B. Fashion Designer."

A few years later, as a slightly older small child, new business cards were made, advertising "Bee Line Fashion," a line of tee-shirts, mainly white ones stolen from my dad's wardrobe, that I took a box of fabric crayons to. The result? A unique and colorful, ahem, redux.

And here we are now, in the present day, and this is Bee Vintage Redux. An outlet for me to parlay my love of vintage and my creativity into lovely things to share with you...

Bee Vintage Redux will be at Crafty Balboa Holiday this Saturday from 11am to 5pm in South Philadelphia!

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