Tuesday, December 10, 2013

This Saturday, teke case company at Crafty Balboa Holiday!

Proudly based in baltimore, md., we're a small company with big ideas. we follow a simple motto: quality and conscience.
teke bags are made with 100% merino felt wool.
It's not your grandma's itchy wool sweater, but a soft and sturdy material that wears in well. It's the type of all-purpose bag that you can take anywhere, throw anywhere, do anything with and feel good that it'll keep in tact.
Teke is run by three old friends: carl, the founder/designer/crafter extraordinaire; jordan, the co-founder/business mongrel/legal dude; and doris, the chief of making things look pretty. (fun fact: the summation of the number of years we've known one another is older than your mom! seriously!)

teke case company will be at Crafty Balboa holiday this Saturday! Stop by and say hello from 11am to 5pm!

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