Monday, December 3, 2012

Katie VanVliet chats with Crafty!

Tell us about yourself!
I'm a printmaker, etcher, and lover of old things. Etching (aka intaglio) is a Renaissance-era form of printmaking, and it's one reason I love to do it!

I like objects that look like they've lived another life, so I use them in my artwork & jewelry. The etchings and prints that I create from scratch also tell a story, sometimes a disjointed one that might come from multiple lives.

What item would you recommend as a great gift?
As a fine artist, I always love when someone gives one of my original etchings as a gift. They've connected to something in the image that resonates with them and with their loved one; and that means the world to artists! Most of my prints are 11" by 15" and less than $50. One of my favorite things about printmaking is that it's an affordable way to collect real artwork (instead of copies of originals.) 

I'll tell you all about how etchings are made and how they differ from other kinds of prints that are not originals too!

All I want for Christmas is...
my family close by! I recently lost one of my parents, and while the blow was devastating, it brought everyone back together. People bond over loss, mostly by sharing stories, memories, and nostalgia, which is something I love anyway.

Otherwise, I've been addicted to tattered 1920's silk and cotton dresses these days. Who hasn't?!

Come and see Katie this SATURDAY at Crafty Balboa Holiday from 11am to 6pm!

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