Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bernardo Margulis is talking!

Bernardo Margulis 
How did you get started doing what your doing?
I am a graphic and web designer by training and trade and started my crafting recently while in grad school. My friend Becky encouraged me to take the work I had created for my projects and transform them into prints and posters. I make posters and digital prints that range from hand-lettering to illustrations and patterns; all the things I love to create for my designs turned into frame-able pieces.

What can we expect to see from you at Crafty Balboa Holiday?
I'm bringing digital prints and posters of my lettering and patterns (and perhaps a surprise or two).
My ONE LINE ONLINE is a collection of hand-lettered posters on the Internet and how we use it. It would be a great gift for any Internet geek, but the messages are universal to anyone with an email address and a taste for beautiful and ornate lettering and fun wordplay.

What's the best present you have ever received?
The day after my twenty-sixth birthday I was babysitting my four-year-old cousin. At one point he insisted on walking to Trader Joe's and as much as I tried to talk him out of the hour-long walk he mysteriously insisted on going, without telling me why. I figured we'd start walking and he'd get tired and ask to walk back. Forty five minutes later, he spots an Acme supermarket and insists we go in. After questioning his motives many times—he was keeping his reasons secretly—he finally confessed: "I want to buy cookies and soda for your birthday". So we did and when we got back home we had our own little celebration. Best present ever!

All I want for Christmas is...
A Charlie Brown Pathetic Christmas Tree (although for me it would technically be a Charlie Brown Pathetic Hanukkah Bush, if I ever decide to give into temptation).

Bernardo will be at Crafty Balboa Holiday on December 4, 2010. He says he's bringing surprises!

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