Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Katie Van Vliet answers Crafty's questions!

What do you make and how did you get started?
I am Katie VanVliet, and I am an artist.  Mostly, I make prints the old world way, from an inky copperplate. I fell in love with etching in college, even though I was a sculpture major! Oops!
What are you bringing to Crafty Balboa Holiday?
I’ll bring lots and lots of prints!  They are a great size for easy and efficient framing, and real artwork is always a great gift!  I’ll also have other etched wares too, some nice sets of etched copper napkin rings, a bit of funky wall art, and etched lockets and necklaces.  If you’re wondering what etching is, it’s like an engraving, only etched into metal with acid, so it’s there forever and looks like a drawing on metal. ANY image can be etched onto a copper or brass object...just ask!

Most of my work is between $25 and $75, so fits into everyone’s budget.  The jewelry is great for girlfriends and wives of course, and all the ladies in your life!  Moms love the lockets because you can add nostalgic photos inside for a personal touch!
The prints are whimsical and sometimes odd scenes with machines and animals, and are perfect for everyone because there are so many characters to choose from! I also do custom lockets; with a super fast turn around time!
What's the best present you have ever received? 
Just last week a client at work brought me a set of vintage teapot shaped xmas lights!  I’ve never been so excited to receive an xmas themed gift! We also spent an afternoon looking at her mother's drawings from the 1940's when she graduated from the school I work at, so that was a real gift to see and touch too.

All I want for Christmas is.... 
A new roof!  Just kidding; I'll be getting that done myself.
Katie on Etsy
Katie will be at Crafty Balboa on December 4th from 11am to 5pm. Be sure to stop by and say hello!

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  1. here's hoping you wake up christmas morning to a new roof! i'm wishing and hoping for a few equally dull + practical home improvements myself. ;)