Monday, November 15, 2010

Rainbow Alternative answers Crafty's Questions!


What do you make and did you get your start? 
Rainbow Alternative- hand-stenciled & spray painted t-shirts & apparel by Nicole Krecicki.
Most of my designs are inspired by the LGBTQ community and the lack variety that’s out there when it come to pride wear. I started trying my hand at the hand-cut stencil + spray paint process of t-shirt design in 2008 by making them for myself, family & friends. I decided to take a chance at selling them and used 2008’s Equality Forum/SundayOUT as an experimental venue to offer up some non-slap-a-rainbow-on-it options. Thankfully my designs were well received that day and it gave me the
confidence boost I needed to move forward with what is now my passion. I’m so grateful for the people who have given me such kind feedback & support over the past few years and for the opportunities I’ve had to expand outside of the Pride market into the Philly craft scene.

What are you bringing to Crafty Balboa Holiday?

I’ll definitely be bringing a little bit of everything to Crafty Balboa this year & a lot of it!

Apparel: Hand-stenciled t-shirts, tanks & hoodies, featuring Rainbow Alternative classics like “Don’t Block the Box” & “2 Girls Kissing” + tons brand new designs! These make awesome gifts for just about anyone on your shopping list who likes the break the mold a little and show their support for independent artists! Prices range from $15-$42.

Baby & Kids clothes: Perfect for the hip little guy or girl on your shopping list, Rainbow Alternative is now super excited to offer totally unique baby onesies & kids tees!!! There will be plenty of designs to choose from & I’ll also be taking requests for custom orders.
Prices range from $12-22.

Magnets, buttons & bottle openers: Stuff their stockings with these little nuggets of fun and joy, starting at just $1! You’ll be sure to find something for everyone on your list!

What's the best present you have ever received?
When I was little my absolute favorite thing in the world was my Fisher Price cassette player + my Jackson 5 tape. I wouldn’t go anywhere with out it and I wore the tape out. We were in love. I even got a tattoo of the player and the tape on my calf last year (shout out MJ!). A few months ago my girlfriend (Nicole Wiegand/Night Owl Designs…cough… plug!) found a working model for me and gave it to me for my birthday. It was the best present ever and now we rock out hard.
All I want for Christmas is...
To be at a place where I can quit my day job and work on Rainbow Alternative full time!

Rainbow Alternative on Etsy

Be sure to stop by and say hello to Rainbow Alternative on December 4th at Crafty Balboa Holiday! Maybe she'll bring her cassette player with her ;)

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