Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Getting to know Yard Sale Press!


What do you make and how did you get your start? 
My name is Bryan Sculthorpe and I make screen prints and drink coasters. I started Yardsale Press to continue printing after college. 

What are you bringing to Crafty Balboa Holiday? 
I am bringing a wide range of screen prints, drink coasters, buttons and a few shirts. Oh, and smiles. 

Coasters, These are great for people who recently moved and are looking for a safe place to put their drinks. Price: $3 a coaster.

I’m also bringing a range of colorful and cheerful screen prints. These are ideal gifts for your family and friends who are looking to brighten up their living space. Priced from $5 - $30. 

What's the best present you have ever received?
The best present I ever received was my childhood dog – a beagle I named PeeWee George Washington Herman. 

All I want for Christmas is... 
A six foot Ticonderoga pencil (they are real) or a Seybold Guillotine.
Yard Sale Press will be at Crafty Balboa Holiday on December 4th. Stop by check out his prints, coasters and smiles!

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