Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Crafty chats with EXIT343 DESIGN!

Tell us about yourself! I am a printmaker who works primarily with silkscreen techniques (although i recently purchased some letterpress equipment- super exciting!). I have a lot of colorful poster prints in a variety of sizes in stock, as well as t-shirts, hand printed plush, and stationery for the holidays and otherwise.

Is there a good gift giving item you will have at Crafty Balboa? This season, my t-shirts have been popular items; specifically, a newer design created as a tribute to one of my favorite bands Hall & Oates. It also works out as they're from Philadelphia :) Currently, my shirts are priced at $15.00

All I want for Christmas is... A new inkjet printer . . . Or a car large enough to cart my craft show wares around in. My current auto isn't quite cutting it anymore!

EXIT 343 Design will be at Crafty Balboa Holiday this Saturday from 11am to 5pm! 315 South Broad Street Philadelphia, PA!

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