Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Crafty chats with HIPSTER BINGO!

Hipster Bingo is graphic designer, Paul Buller's brain child.  Paul likes beards, small dogs, the Chicago Bears, chili and beer. Sorry ladies! He's taken.

What is it you do? I make bingo cards with hipsters on them.

Tell us about a gift item you are bringing to Crafty Balboa! Hipster Bingo is a great stocking stuffer for friends, and only $8.00. Can you still get a six pack of PBR for less than that?

All I want for Christmas is... A thrifted flannel, and maybe a new pair of thick rimmed glasses.

Hipster Bingo will be at Crafty Balboa Holiday on December 17th! Until then, you can find him here!

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