Thursday, December 1, 2011

Crafty chats with THE LARGE MAMMAL!

The Large Mammal has been going his thing for about 10 years, and in that time has  "created a huge catalog of screen-printed badassery for all to enjoy."

Tell us what you do! I make limited edition screen prints and art prints. I've been dragging a squeegee since 2002, making rock posters for some of the best indie bands around. 

In recent years I've moved more into art prints. Bright color, geometric shapes and lots of texture are the consistent theme. My creative goals are simple. Make things that have meaning, that are meaningful.

What's a great gift item you will be bringing to Crafty Balboa Holiday? I made this art print a while back with the word HOME on it. The image was originally used for a Feist gigposter, but I wanted to make a kind of welcome piece to hang in my house and it was a perfect fit. 
It's a great gift for a new homeowner, something to brighten a drab apartment, a good gift for girlfriends, for moms, etc.  It's available for $30, and fits nicely into an inexpensive Ikea RIbba frame.

All I want for Christmas is...An iphone. my free phone is a sad and pathetic device.

Need to find The Large Mammal before December 17th, look no further!

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