Tuesday, December 6, 2011

OKAY HORRAY! talks to Crafty!

Okay Hooray! is printmaker Caroline Ziegler. I hear if you are lucky, she might break out into an impromtu song. Come to Crafty Balboa Holiday to find out!

Tell us about yourself! I'm a printmaker and crafter! As a printmaker, I mostly carve and print wood and linoleum blocks. Much of my work is narrative, so many of my prints include text in the form of short poems or stories. Whenever possible, I print with wood and lead type using traditional letterpress equipment.

I also love needle-crafts. Embroidery, felt and crochet allow me to create 3D characters which beg for their own stories. My characters are quirky, playful, and sometimes even mischievous.

Is there something special you are bringing to Crafty Balboa?This year I want to share my love of embroidery, so I've created mermaid and merman embroidery finger puppet kits! It comes with everything you need and a booklet of detailed instructions to create your own merfolk. 

They're fun for anyone interested in learning embroidery or already familiar with it that's into puppets and/or merfolk! They range from $15-$25 (the more expensive kits are hand painted).

All I want for Christmas is... a Vandercook!

If you need to find Okay Hooray before December 17th, check her out here!

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