Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Brookiellen Design at Crafty Balboa Holiday!

What does Brookiellen Designs make?
I make functional yet stylish waterproof diaper covers and other reusable items like lunch bags, and sandwich and snack baggies. I have a passion for bright and funky fabrics, and love anything with skulls or anchors. I also love adding to those fabrics with coordinating ruffles or fun appliques.

Is there a great gift product you'll be bringing to Crafty Balboa Holiday with you?
Sandwich and snack baggies are the perfect stocking stuffer, ranging from $5-$7 each. They are an inexpensive way to give handmade, come in tons of awesome prints, and can be used over and over again!

All I want for Christmas is....
I'm currently obsessed with roller derby (joined a team about 7 months ago)- so anything with roller skates!

Brookiellen Designs will be at Crafty Balboa Holiday on December 8th! Be sure to stop by and say hello!

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