Friday, November 16, 2012

Say Hello to Betsy Ann Paper!

Tell us what you do!
I design and hand paint greeting cards and stationery sets from a sunny corner at my kitchen table.

What's a great gift item you are bringing to Crafty Balboa Holiday?
Boxed stationery sets are definitely a great gift! There are a bunch in the shop this year, and each is hand painted and paired with coordinating envelopes, then packed in a sweet box with twine. I think the little box is so cute, you probably don't even need to wrap it. Boxed sets are $25, which sort of hits that sweet spot of "not making my wallet cry out in pain" but also, "spending enough so I don't feel like a cheapskate."

All I want for Christmas is...
Idris Elba. If he's not busy.

Crafty Balboa Holiday will be one of Betsy Ann Paper's first shows! Be sure to come out and say Hello! Until then, you can find her here.

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