Friday, November 16, 2012

The Painted Lily chats with Crafty!

What does The Painted Lily do?
I create a line of home goods featuring unique, vintage illustrations and graphics. My best sellers are my stone drink coasters that are tiny, useful works of art!

What's the best gift giving item you will have at Crafty Balboa Holiday?
What I most excited about bringing are my vintage Philly map coasters. They're perfect for anyone from the area, newlyweds and Philadelphia enthusiasts.

I'm also looking forward to sharing a new product at Crafty Balboa this year. They are vintage doors that I've turned into art pieces/ wall decor, using my vintage image collection. Each one is one of a kind and I'm over the moon about the process to create them and the final product!

My favorite thing about the holidays is...
Warm feelings of home, the smell of Christmas trees, the sweetness of holiday goodies, the cracking of a fire and the sounds of a house full of giggling children.

The Painted Lily will be at Crafty Balboa Holiday on December 8th! In the meantime you can find her here.

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