Friday, November 30, 2012

Typsy Gypsy Tees at Crafty Balboa Holiday!

I'm a mother, Artist, Painter, Illustrator, and all around lover of everything artistic and crafty! My tee shirt designs are mostly inspired by my wonderful and artistic eight year old son, Declan. A few of these designs are actually drawn my him!! Other designs are things from my sketchbooks of present and past. I hope you enjoy them!

All my Tees are printed using earth friendly inks and all are hand printed in my home. So every shirt will be slightly different and a unique piece of art for you to wear! Most of the Tees I sell are made in the USA.

As for the name, well, my son was the inspiration for that as well. His favorite bath toy is that of a fierce pirate/ viking warrior who, out of the blue, he named Typsy Gyspy, which is still super funny if you think about it. Mr Typsy has kicked some serious sea creature butt in the tub over the years and seemed like a perfect name for this artistic endeavor.

Typsy Gypsy Tees will be at Crafty Balboa Holiday on December 8th!

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