Monday, November 26, 2012

Little Flower Designs chats with Crafty!

Tell us about Little Flower Designs!
Little Flower Designs is my handmade pottery studio. I hand form each piece then illustrate my wares with quirky flowers, birds and other nature themed designs.

What are some Little Flower Design gift giving ideas?
I often give individuals a mug($42) and lunch plate($35). To create a personal set. Or a sweet vase ($40). For weddings a teapot and matching tea cups is a favorite! For the wee people in my life I often give ornaments and personalized cups and bowls.

All I want for Christmas is...
A green planet, world peace, for everyone to see the good in everyone else. But if someone wants to buy me a gift I hope it will be handmade. I'm girly so jewelry, knit scarves and hats, and lovely home items are always welcome!

Little Flower Designs will be at Crafty Balboa Holiday on December 8th from 11am to 6pm! Be sure to stop by and say hello!

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