Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hello there, JoeyFiveCents!

Tell us a little bit about yourself!
joeyfivecents is a unique handmade jewelry and accessories line that repurposes original vintage ephemera and findings into modern day pieces with stories to tell.

What are joeyfivecents' best gift items?
Lots of folks like to give the vintage dictionary word necklaces as gifts because even the most difficult person to buy for has a word that 'speaks' to them or describes them. 

I, however, love when people give my belt buckles as gifts because they are perfect for both men and women, people collect buckles and you can be pretty sure that the gift recipient will not already have one like it!

All I want for Christmas is...
Some nice quality time spent with family or a full scale vintage switchboard.

Come and say hello to joeyfivecents at Crafty Balboa Holiday! In the meantime, start your shopping list here!

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